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Visualize Every Outcome

Learn a method of visualizing every possible scenario so you’re ready for anything.

30 sec

What You Need

quiet place


Visualization is about more than just picturing your ideal scenario. To truly prepare your mind for every outcome, you need to imagine what can go wrong, too.
michael phelps looking at the camera in front of swimming pool
Take it from Michael Phelps – on the world stage, the biggest moment of his career, his goggles filled with water. But that didn’t stop him. He went on to set the world record and win gold. His secret? He’d already visualized that exact scenario. So now it’s your turn to try this exercise on your own.
michael phelps floating in pool
Now, picture yourself in a competition scenario. Fully immerse yourself in the environment. Then, think about what might be out of your control - things that could trip you up in the moment.
Your shoelaces come untied. The schedule changed. You get a cramp. Your team is down with a minute to go. There’s snow on the ground.
What do you do physically to overcome each scenario? Find your solutions now, in your mind, not when you’re out on the field on game day.
back of michael phelps head as he enters pool
Experience all the emotions of being there in that moment when things go wrong. That way, when you’re there in real life, they can’t throw you. The most important part? No matter what happens, make sure you always find a way to overcome it before opening your eyes and leaving the visualization.
michael phelps swimming
Try to picture yourself dealing with a new challenging scenario every day when you return to this visualization practice. This exercise will arm your mind - and your body - to combat challenges before they happen - making you stronger and more resilient.


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