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Take Back Control

Learn to create specific and challenging goals that put you in the driver’s seat.

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Every athlete has goals. They’re what push us to succeed. What we put in the work for. But goal setting is a skill that can be strengthened and improved. And too many athletes aren’t setting good goals.
A goal should be something you can achieve on your own. Something 100% in your control. It keeps you accountable. YOU are the only person who can stop you from reaching it.
So, lofty goals like, “Win State” or “Get 10 assists” won’t cut it. They’re always part of the mission. But they don’t put you in the driver's seat. And this is about YOU and YOU alone.
woman on one hand lifting kettlebell at gym
Instead, focus on specific things that are in your control, like, “Have excellent technique on every rep,” “Finish every play to the whistle,” “Get in the gym 5 days this week,” or “Practice my optimism training every day.” These goals should be challenging. They should push you. But the payoff when you reach them? Incredible. Nobody else got you there. This was all you.
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So when you go to set your next goals, take a step back. And ask yourself, “Can I reach this goal on my own?” “Will this goal challenge me?” And, “Can I hold myself accountable to this?” If you’ve answered “yes” to all three, then you’ve got a good goal. So go out there and reach it. Now it’s time to put this into practice.


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