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In this exercise, you’ll learn how to stop focusing on what could go wrong during intensity-packed moments.

90 sec

What You Need

Quiet place

man in boxing ring looking pensive
Emotions and thoughts running wild can negatively impact an athlete’s performance in competition. You might experience them when the bus is pulling up to the court, or you’re down a goal with 2 minutes to go.
This is completely normal. No athlete is immune from this. But you can train your mind to acknowledge these thoughts and emotions and move on, never letting them interfere with your success.
So when it’s time to compete and you find yourself focusing on what could go wrong, or you feel those butterflies in your stomach... Pause. Nod. Take a deep breath. And try this exercise.
Take another deep inhale through your nose for five seconds. And when you exhale, blow out through your mouth, releasing all that air, and letting those negative thoughts and emotions go with it. Then drive your attention back to the task at hand. Focus on the moment. And pump yourself up with positive self-talk.
woman exercising
But don’t just think the self-talk. Actually say it out loud. Put those thoughts out into the universe. “This is what I’m built for.” “I own this court” “My time is right now.” With each statement, you’ll slowly build more and more confidence.
man playing basebal about to run
Then take one final deep breath. Puff out your chest. Maybe even let out a smile. And respond to that self-talk by going out there and doing exactly what you said you would.


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