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Debrief For Self-Awareness

This journaling practice empowers you to take an honest look at the things that went well - and not so well - during competition and training.

10 min

What You Need

Writing Materials

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Every practice and competition is an opportunity to get better. To focus on what you did well, and learn where you can improve. But reflecting on performance is more than just a technique, it’s a skill. One you can actually get better at.
If you give yourself true, honest feedback, it leads to better outcomes. You crush more of your goals. And you celebrate more successes. So to train this, we’ll practice journaling. Every time you finish a practice or game, take out your phone, a piece of paper, or a notebook you keep, just for this purpose.
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Write down, “What went well?” and “What do I want to work on?” If you’re up for it, you might want to write down some of the emotions you’re feeling, too. Adding things like, “On a scale of 1-10, how in-the-zone did I feel?” or “Did I tap into my ideal performance mindset?” Spend a few minutes here reflecting on how that session went. Be honest, but never harsh or demeaning to yourself.
When you’re ready, respond to those prompts. Embrace how it went. How you felt. And how it could’ve been better. And keep those thoughts with you as you move on to your next practice or competition. Then, repeat this process daily, so you can track your progression over time.
The more you journal, the more you’ll internalize how each event went and the less you’ll look to others for validation.
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You are the one who judges your success, not anyone else. Remember that.


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