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Compete, Pre-Performance, 2 minutes

Calm Your Nerves

Get to know Anthony Joshua’s proven mindfulness technique for getting past that “butterflies in your stomach” feeling.

2 min

What You Need

Quiet Place


Anthony Joshua is no stranger to the world stage. As heavyweight champ, he’s fought in the biggest arenas around the globe for thousands of cheering fans with everything on the line.
anthony joshua in a spotlighted ring in boxing stance
The size of the moment may give other athletes nerves, but not AJ. He’s trained his mind to treat every moment—the big and the small—as the same.
close up anthony joshua in boxing robe sitting pensively
To stay calm before competition, AJ taps into mindfulness: a practice that can ground you, help you stay fully present, and keep you focused on getting back to the work you’ve been doing during training, no matter how high the stakes.
Here’s a simple and quick exercise that helps you take stock of your environment, whether you’re on the bench at halftime, in the locker room before the game, or walking onto the court. All you have to do? Simply count back from five.
First, acknowledge FIVE things you see around you. It could be a grass-less patch on the field, the dark maroon color of an opponent’s jersey, or the large generator humming behind the fence. Anything you see in your surroundings can work for this exercise.
close up anthony joshua sitting in ring in boxing robe looking down at camera
Then, acknowledge FOUR things you can touch around you. THREE things you hear. TWO things you can smell. And ONE thing you can taste.
anthony joshua resting in corner of boxing ring, arms on ropes looking down at the camera
That’s it. All you need is your five senses to make even the biggest moments feel routine. Use this exercise at any time you need to release feelings of doubt, anxiety and nervous energy leading up to performance.


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